People Assessment System (PeAS) is a comprehensive platform designed for the effective management of human capital. It provides organisations of all sizes and industries with the tools and insights necessary to make informed decisions throughout the employee lifecycle.

PeAS serves as a one-stop center for managing human capital, addressing the diverse needs of organisations across various sectors. It offers a range of solutions aimed at enhancing organisational decisions, particularly in hiring, employee development, and retention strategies.

Powered by four main platforms, this solution equips organizations with the data-driven tools essential for effectively managing their most valuable asset: their people

Talent Analytic Platform provides a holistic understanding of talent-related metrics within an organisation. By focusing on competencies, wellbeing, integrity, and interest, the platform helps organizations make informed decisions about their workforce, ensuring they have the right people in the right roles, promoting a healthy and ethical work environment, and supporting employees’ career development and satisfaction.


Assesses competencies to ensure success, helping organizations identify strengths and target development areas for growth.


Aligns roles with passions, supports career development and retention, and ensures motivated, fulfilled employees.


Provides a thorough evaluation of
both individual and organisational
integrity and compliance.


Analyzes and monitors individual health and happiness, promotes work-life balance, and supports health and productivity.

The Organisational Analytic Platform aims to enhance the understanding of organisational dynamics by evaluating employee engagement, leadership climate, and organisational culture. It helps organisations improve their overall effectiveness and enhance their working environment.

Employee Engagement

Focuses on measuring and analysing employee engagement
levels and identifying factors that influence engagement within the

Culture Assessment

Analyses the organisational culture by examining values, norms,
and practices that define the work environment and how these
elements align with organisational goals and employee

Leadership Climate

Assesses the leadership environment within the organisation by evaluating how leadership styles, behaviors, and practices impact the overall organisational climate and employee morale.


Educational Analytic Platform focuses on evaluating and improving educational processes, student performance, and career readiness. It integrates multiple tools and systems to provide a holistic view of educational metrics, helping educators, students, and institutions make data-driven decisions.


Analyses individual students’ strengths,
weaknesses, and learning styles, tailoring
education to meet each student’s needs.

Career Guidance

Offers detailed career insights and guidance, helping students make informed decisions about their future educational and career paths

Talent Identification

Identifies students with high potential early on and provides
them with the necessary support and resources.

The Entrepreneur Analytic Platform aims to empower entrepreneurs by evaluating and enhancing their business capabilities. It covers areas such as entrepreneurial potential, business interests, financial literacy, financial management, and strategic planning, offering a holistic approach to entrepreneurial development.

Business Acumen

Evaluates and develops key entrepreneurial skills, ensuring that entrepreneurs are well equipped to lead their ventures successfully.

Business Interest

Provides a detailed analysis of business interests, helping entrepreneurs identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Financial Potential

Guides entrepreneurs in managing their finances effectively, ensuring sustainability and growth